The alsa service always shows as stopped

Does the alsa addon have a service associated with it? If not, then the Services line can be removed from /opt/pakfire/db/meta/meta-alsa? So it won’t show up on the services page anymore.

Yes the alsa addon does have a service associated with it but its initscript does not have a status command option. The services page uses the status command to show what the status of the service is.

I have had a look at trying to create a status command for it but the problem I have is that I can’t test anything out easily. I have not been successful in setting up a virtual sound capability on my VirtualBox vm testbed.

Other physical computers with real sound systems (not used for IPFire), have PulseAudio running on them and not Alsa.

So I am still trying to figure out how to set something up to test this without completely changing existing systems that are used for other purposes.

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Thank you @bonnietwin :blush: Qemu needs alsa or else the vm’s won’t start. But I saw the status of alsa was stopped and I wondered why. Can I help with testing?

I have moved this to a new thread as the previous one was already marked as solved and this has a different issue with it.

That would be very useful.

I would suggest that you raise it as a bug in the IPFire bugzilla.

Your IPFire People email address and password work as the login credentials for it.

I will pick up the bug and have another look at the initscript and if I come up with any changes I can provide that as an attachment in the bug report so you can test it out.


I filed Bug 13087


Thank you for solving this matter! :blush:

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