Test IPFire CU174

I just did a quick test of the CU174_x86_64 installed in VmWare.

  • As RED I created (in VmWare) a bridge virtual network card “hooked” to the GREEN of my IPFire stable.
  • As GREEN I used a USB network card, “attached” to the IPFire CU174 virtual machine, where I attached an old laptop.

Everything seems to be working. I also tested the Backup operation. I remember that in an old version of IPFire it gave problems.
I am waiting for suggestions and am available for further testing :wink:.




I have applied the test version and for now everything is fine.

fireinfo.ipfire.org - Profile 9d73b2b007ea75a8c15d748d8ac07e6effd8ec8f

Thank you very much for your effort!!!


One thing people might notice is that on the dhcp page (and updatexlrator page if a table is shown there), the tables that are shown do not have the alternate rows with different shadings effect. It is just one white table with no visible separation between the rows.

This is due to an error I made with a fix for a bug. A patch fixing this effect has already been submitted today and should be fed into CU174 in the next few days or so



That’s correct. Do you have any fixed leases specified in the table. If not, then it will not have any rows at all and so you won’t see the effect.

With some entries this is what CU174 Testing looked like for me.

and here is what it looks like with the fix patch that has been submitted.


I reset everything…
are the “boxes,” not the colors.
Graphic problem. Not of operation :wink:.

The orange colour is if you have entered an IP for a fixed lease that is not within either the green subnet or the blue subnet.

The red colour is if you have entered an IP for a fixed lease that is within the dynamic range of IP’s that you have defined. Your fixed lease IP’s should always be outside the dynamic IP pool. This is mentioned in the wiki page on dhcp.


You’re right; I was getting confused :person_facepalming:.

Here is the image of the bug that I now see too…

Hello @bonnietwin and @casabenedetti ,

Please, what do the devices that are not colored orange or red represent ?

Shouldn’t the devices in orange be in green color (because correctly affected) ?

I think the “correct IP.” “Static IP” “outside of DHCP” but part of the network.
I’ll send you a pattern…

OK thanks @casabenedetti ,

I had my doubts but you convinced me ! I confused with devices outside of DHCP scopes… Adolf, nice work !

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These are fixed leases with IP’s that are either in the green subnet range or in the blue subnet range. These generally should be all or the majority of any entries in this table.

The Orange colouring option has always been present for a long time. It is just that any fixed lease IP’s that are part of the overall network but not in the green or blue subnet are likely to be in the orange subnet. Historically an entry of that type would not have been shown in orange because of the use of bgcolor, which was deprecated in HTML4.01 and does not work with HTML5. In CU174 bgcolor was replaced in dhcp.cgi with its CSS equivalent.
If you have a fixed lease IP that is outside of the green or blue subnets then that entry should not be enabled because the dhcp server will not be able to access it but you could have it noted in the fixed leases table as a reminder.
It is also of use if you were intending to enter an IP within either the green or blue subnets but made a typo. The entry being flagged up in orange is telling you that the entry is outside of either the green or blue subnets.

The red flagging option is new in CU174.

If you have, for example, a dynamic ip range on green from to and you then define a fixed lease IP of, which is within the dynamic range, then it will be flagged up in red so that you are aware of it and can go and fix it.

If people have historically overlapped their fixed and dynamic leases then they might see many entries in red. They will still be able to use them but they should then over time correct that overlap situation to remove the red flagged entries.


Yes. That seems logical to me. I always paid attention to that. I shouldn’t have a problem with that :grin:.

Adolf, it’s perfect !

And thank you for your clear and complete explanations !


I, too, feel compelled to congratulate @bonnietwin and all the developers on these refinements that I am slowly discovering :blush:.


I have a question:
This is my first time installing the test version.
Is there a link to directly download “IPFire test”?
I have not found it. I downloaded CU173 first and then updated.

Regarding OpenVpn:
also the logs that I dotted in red I don’t know why I get them.
I see them even on previous stable versions.
Did I misconfigure something?
Thank you in advance.

It may be easier to update via the WebGUI: