Telefax with ipfire?

Sorry, only a fast questions and hopfully a fast reply.
Is there any possibility to send a telefax with the ipfire?
I read that same router can do this.

Thank you very much!


Ip you have a ip phone and you have fax machine or pc which sends a fax over your ip phone to somewhere on the web. Than yes.
Fix you want to use ipfire as a fax machine then No.

Is there a package in Pakfire? Don’t know.

No, i don’t have VoIP, so I have also no number. But I read that Fritzbox has an option as cabel router to do this. So I asked for possibility in Ipfire.
But seems it doesn’t. Thank you for the answer

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Frizbox is not a firewall. It is a combination of a number of network services which includes also a firewall and a voip/pots (landline) telephone capability, in a specialized hardware where you can connect a phone and/or a fax machine. IPFire is mainly a firewall that runs on general hardware. The two are very different from each other.


May I suggest an alternative solution.
For the really seldom cumming up to send or receive a fax I use the service of my ISP via browser and e-mail. This works for me and has the advantage, that I need no other app on the ipfire (which does not exist).


Yes, but I read the Fritzbox could do it without a fax maschine in the gui over the moden it has onboard. My thought was, that the ipfire has also the possibility to connect as modem with pppoe, that was the question. I do not compare fritzbox and ipfire as the same maschine, I decided about ten years ago, that AVM will never has a place in my home or another Hybrid with open ports for the service provider to maintain or what ever they could do there. My first an overall choice all the time was my own (server)hardware and an installation of ipfire.

Yes, thank you, I found also some services to send a telefax. Mostly only sending, but this is the importent one if you are trying to communicate quickly with an office in this country and you need to send written material, they are not equipped with an e-mail box, not to mention an encrypted mail box, so the completely outdated telefax format is usually still available. Sad but true.

Yes, I think so, I got a router from my provider and it has an adapter for my DECT phone, which I don’t really use, but that’s my state of the art. I could probably use a fax machine on that adapter.
And yes, I can get the credentials from the provider if I were to use other router hybrid modem hardware, but I’m not going to use my own modem, just my own router. For the modem only need to use new requirements, already my device is worthless. And no AVM device will ever be put into service in this house.
As I said the “problem” is solved and my question answered, ipfire does not support it and there are providers on the internet where you can send faxes in an emergency.