System Configuration

I am not sure if I should post this as an add-on issue or a hardware issue. In my log summary I now get this: No Sys::CPU module installed. To install, execute the command:
perl -MCPAN -e ‘install Sys::CPU’

No Sys::MemInfo module installed. To install, execute the command:
perl -MCPAN -e ‘install Sys::MemInfo’

Machine: x86_64
Release: Linux 4.14.232-ipfire

I have looked through the add-on list and found nothing to install the CPAN module and when I run those commands they fail due to the lack of CPAN. Anyone know what add-on supplies that module? I have googled the ipfire wiki and all related information regarding the installation of the CPAN module. Again, I have found nothing. Any suggestions regarding the correct way to resolve the listed hardware issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I can’t find this Perl modules, whether in the standard module of Perl ( ) nor in CPAN.
Could you give a bit more information, which part of IPfire generates this error?

Hi @maintech

Those modules should not be needed. I have just grep’d my logs and not been able to find any messages like this.

I think we need to understand why the perl code is causing these messages to be written.

What Core Update version are you on.

The lines in the logs that have that message will have the name of a program after the hostname of the computer. If you grep the logs for that program name and can provide that it would be useful to see what leads up to those messages being created.

On the WUI menu items of Status - System and Status - Memory do you have the charts for the CPU and Memory data working and showing .

From the logs when did these messages start and can that be related to an update or something that was carried out.


Hi @bbitsch

The Sys::CPU is in metacpan but is a module that was last updated in 2010. It basically counts how many cpu’s that a system has. That figure is calculated by IPFire but not using that module.

Sys::MemInfo is the same, counting the total free and used memory.

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Hi @bonnietwin

Thx for the information. But I can’t find it on my system either. :wink:

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IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 157

Unable to find anything in logs though I know it has to be there somewhere. I just couldn’t find it.

Yes. All graphs are working and appear correct.

Today was the first time. My logs for Intrusion Prevention were not working and after a day of trying to determine why I found Update Accelerator was not set up right and was causing no logs to be made. I corrected that and the logs started to be accessible. Immediately after that the errors we are discussing were being displayed in Log Summary, System Configuration.
My Log Summary contains many entries. System Configuration,Clamav,DHCP Server,HTTP Server,Init,Kernel and Firewall,Syslogd,Disk space,lm_sensors output,Network Report,Network routes. I am trying to eliminate all errors listed. The CPAN issue is the latest. I am still working on the ACPI issues. Despite all the “errors” in the system, everything seems to be working correctly. :thinking:

Searching for this modules I found references in logwatch scripts only.
This means, no problems really. Just a bit ‘noise’ in the Log Summary.