SYSLOG logging to localhost

I am using vector to try and ship syslog to humio and it is not working. Vector is running on ipfire fine because I can send it logs from my laptop but when I try to send the logs with the inbuilt logging it does not work… ' or its internal ip.

Any ideas on this ?

What do you mean by ‘vector’ and how did you install it?


Howto Send Logs Humio

Syslog Generator

Also I did notice that if you send it a syslog without a CR/LF at the end it does not know when then end of the syslog is … does syslogd send a CR/LF at the end of each line?

This would be a great tool to at to pakfire as you can send logs to more advanced logging systems and it is super light weight in key with the IPF way…

You can send syslogs to remote systems:

I know that you can but when I try to send the logs to vector it does not work… I think it is that syslog not putting a CR/LF at the end of each line …

syslog separates lines by , which is usually on Linux and on Windows.
But a remote logging tool should handle both.

Once again my answer. Where have you installed vector and how?

see the above link for install, I sent these links in a previous message, all I did is decompress it from its archive… it works when I send syslog NOT from ip fire with CR/LF so on ip fire how to I add CR/LF delimiter characters?