Support for Qualcom/Atheros QCA9892?

Hi, I’m in the market for a M.2 Key A/E Wifi Card to replace the module that came with my ASRock ITX board.

I see this one online QCA9892-BR4B at Amazon, but I am wondering if it would work before I go off and buy it. It has higher bandwidth (at 867 Mbits/s) than the QCA6174A (at 150 Mbit/s).

So to ask directly, would the newer 9892 work with IPFire? Or should I just opt for the 6174?

I have a hard time gauging how much bandwidth is enough for 3 people in a residence, when we have at most two concurrent video streams from Netflix, and otherwise 3 people working remotely, with frequent Zoom meetings.

I am also looking at USG dongles. Unsure how they perform, as an older person, my reluctance with USB may be ill-founded as I have a preconceived notion USB is slow.

Would love some recommendations.