Suport for 2 WLAN cards

Hi everybody,
Yesterday I decided to upgrade my APU’s wifi card from VLE600 to VLE900. It took me about a year to do it :wink: but after having fun drilling and all inclusive I decided to also give ipfire a try. Inserted a new mSATA 128G and installed ipfire.
I went only for red + green config so after booting I setup the green network as bridge and added wlan0 , wlan1 and the 2 left wired interface as members. Added hostapd as a component.
After reboot, the wlan config is completely clueless about any wifi board. This should be a known bug cause after searching on the web I found that I need to change /var/ipfire/wlanap/setting to point to wlan0.
I did that and was able to squeeze a “g” connection. To get an ac I need to htcap values… but this can wait.
How can I use both cards in the same time cause I want to have a 2.4 connection for a few devices that linger in house. The interfaces needs to be bridged to have everything working. ( DNLA advertise, printer advertise )

Any idea how this can be achieved?

Do you mean WLE?

What do you expect to gain from that update?

Yes your right, wle900vx

@ms First I want to see if there is a gain. Second, wle900vx speed is 1.3G ( theoretical )
I get 400 when close proximity on wle600vx so I hope either some range increase ( 3 antennas vs 2 ) or some speed or a combination, like better speed on my living where with wle600vx I average around 200.

Back to my question,
I know for a fact that you can run multiple instances of hostapd, each with its own config in order to run multiple cards on the same machine.
Assuming that I create settings.0 and settings.1 how can I start the hostapd or how hostapd is started by ipfire?


Oh I know what the module can do. However, I am not aware that many stations are supporting 3x MIMO. As far as I am aware the usual consumer hardware (e.g. iPhones, laptops) is maxed out at 2x MIMO. So you will not be using the third antenna.

I have both modules here and tested around with them. In the end we decided to use the 2x MIMO version of the IPFire Mini Appliance, because of space for the antennas. Adding a third one is complicated and very few people would benefit from it.

Everything in my office is connected like this:

866.7 MBit/s VHT-MCS 9 80MHz short GI VHT-NSS 2

Just to dump my view of what especially WiFi marking is telling us with their “multi gigabit” headlines.

On launching another instance of hostapd:

Just copy /etc/hostapd.conf to another place. Lets say /etc/hostapd-2.conf. Then add another wireless device (if you do not already have one). Add that to the desired bridge (i.e. GREEN) and run hostapd with the alternative configuration file in /etc/sysconfig/rc.local.

Does that make sense?

I have just migrated from openWRT on a APU2E0 box from

It is equipped with an WLE900VX and an WLE600VX and was preinstalled with OpenWRT. Both cards were configured and operating through the GUI and running great.

The reason for migrating was that I needed to setup a tunnel between said router and a pfSense firewall. I was unable to figure out how to configure openWRT to do so.

After some messing around I changed both sides to ipfire, and have been pleasantly surprised, as I was able to make site-to-site work alongside a roadwarrior vpn setup. And I am no network expert.

I have not been able to have both wifi cards operational though, as I cant seem to figure out how that is done in ipfire.

I follow this thread if there are any updates that will enable configuring both via the UI.

kind regards