Suddenly, ports 222, 444 are closed

Hello All,
I used to monitor this host remotely on port 444, but now I can’t reach it anymore.
SSH is closed too.
What can have gone wrong? I am the only one who has access.
I have done a first check on AnyDesk with a user behind that machine, and the setup of rules and SSH access look correct.
Thanks for reading,

My first thought would be disk failure. In such situation, I would reinstall and restore a backup and see what happens.

SMART info is PASSED, tried writing something on the disk, and was able to read it…
Nothing here suggests a problem with the disk…

I tried disabling the rules, and re-enable them, but no, still closed…
This is what I get with nmap:
Host is up (0.0034s latency).
Not shown: 999 filtered ports
445/tcp closed microsoft-ds