Stuck at scons with building gpsd

Have used IPFire for quite a few years, now getting more into it inner workings.

Using the WiKi articals I have got al the way through to the actual building of gpsd, there are few typos I found which I’ll edit on the WiKi later.

The issue is that to build gpsd the manual says use;

scons && scons check && scons udev-install

I tried to replace the make part of the scrip in the lfs file, but it spits it out saying there is no scons in /bin/sh which there is not.

How is it best to proceed form here gpsd is python based, there is python in IPFire, but how to join the two I’m not sure.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.



We do not package that build system that you need since no other package needs this.

So you will need to build it first and then gpsd.

Gpsd is written in C BTW.