Struggling with Firewall rules

i have created NAT rules as shown below but they seem not working. I am new to IPfire but know ipcop which seems to be very similar

What am i missing ,

It looks like you’re trying to forward port 25? Then you must use “standard network RED” as source instead:

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Hie Leo
i want to forward all traffic from ip 194.80.xx.xx on port 25 to be forwarded to my local machine 192.168.0.XXx. if i specify on Standrad Network (RED) is also not working .


I noticed that you also set the source port to 25. Most clients use randomized source ports. To allow these clients to connect, the source port must be left blank.

P.S. don’t forget to click “apply changes” :slight_smile:

Thanks Leo
I have changed on protocol to preset and used you advice of apply changes now my emails are coming. Thanks for the help

Now trying to figure out on when a rule is using source port different from destination source


as @luani mentioned already, please read the firewall documentation before asking for help here, as your problem is already answered there.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller