Strange hardware problems with PCIe WLAN devices

Hi all,
I’d be interested in knowing, whether anyone else have/had similar problems and may could give an advice.
I have a N3160 based jetway NU591 board and want to use an ac WiFi card with it. It is the Compex WLE600VX, which is known to be a bit difficult, but on this motherboard, neither ipfire linux nor HBCD PE finds it at all. On another jetway board with an i5-4300U at least HBCD PE gets it. I guess, ipfire will find it as well, I just did not try it yet.
Because there is still another problem with the NU591: After I had no sucess with the Compex card, I tried a RTL8191SE half size to get some more bandwidth on WiFi-AP. Only, with this card in half size slot, whole system won’t start no more. Neither the at HDMI-port attached LCD nor keyboard showed any access. I only could get system to run again, after I moved the half-size RTL card by an adapter into the full size slot - making it impossible to use a msata.

Is anyone out there, who had same and know a workaround, or still better, a solution?

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I looks like you simply have some broken hardware there.

The cards are known to work really well with IPFire, so if the board does not recognise them, there is quite likely something wrong with it.

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Hi Michael,

thanks for your reply, but I don’t think, that some of my hardware is broken. Because all parts work with other “partners”.

I just wanted to know, whether there are folks out there, who had similar trouble already: That a distinct motherboard runs perfectly with WLAN card “A” in half-size slot and denies card “B” of same chip manufacturer in same slot, but accept it in full-szie slot. (In my case RTL8188 and RTL8191.) And if someone already had the case, the a WLAN card “C” even is not found on PCI at all. (Like the Atheros based Compex.) On the distinct motherboard only - on other board it is found quite normally…

As I need to have the NU591 running ipfire now, the are no timeslots for testing no more at the moment. But I’m looking forward to get a Mini-ITX-board with same SoC and miniPICe config soon, and will test with it again.

Best regards

Latest news:

It seems, that there is really something basic going wrong with the Compex WLE600VX (QCA9882 based) WiFi card and the N3160 or maybe Braswell SoCs in common. My new Gigabyte GA-N3160TN (thin ITX) behaves exactly like my 2nd-hand Jetway NU591 (NUC-size) - and does not even reach thru the WLE600VX’s PCI vendor and device number neither to a Linux nor to a Windows. Other mainboards do, e.g. both my Jetway NF3E (3.5" size, one Haswell and one Broadwell) and an older AMD T56N based Jetway NF81 (ITX). Only none of them is of comparable low power as the N3160 boards…

My second “bad” WiFi card - the RTL8191 - works well on the GA-N3160TN. Only it’s just a bit more speedy N class WiFi and still far away from AC.

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