Strange behavior Rufus and C166

Good evening,
as always, every time a new release comes out, I recreate the usb stick that I use for the installation.
I use Rufus and select DD mode so that I am not prompted to download the ISO image as indicated in the Wiki.
I have done the same operations, several times believing I was wrong, but with the C166 and the DD option, the setup keeps asking me to download.
Where am I wrong?

Many thanks

just a curiosity, what happens if you prepare your usb install disk with balena etcher?

I try and report

I tried to create the setup usb key using balenaetcher and it worked, during setup it doesn’t ask me to download the ISO.
Strange behavior of Rufus with C166, I had always used Rufus.
Mysteries of Computing :blush: :wink:HI
Thank you

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