Still experiencing issues with Unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge

i recently swapped hardware installed from scratch and imported my backup.
unfortunately this still happens. so far i thought it was my very old installation
causing this behaviour. but now?
is this ‘fixed’ :man_shrugging: :question:

also: DHCP hosts not reliably propagated to DNS - #61 by pavlos

This was fixed in CU 167 and the current stable release is CU 169.

Please see:

Can you add more details of the issues?


unfortunately it is not solved and i am not the only one
experiencing this error. to be honest only by chance i
have found the topic DHCP hosts not reliably propagated to DNS - #62 by current_user
and thought it is ‘normal’.

right now, seconds ago i got the error again! :piñata:

however i posted the info in the original topic :clown_face:

Hi I have a new install and unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge does not get started at boot.
Running /etc/init.d/dhcp restart shows this:

Stopping DHCP Server… [ OK ]
Stopping Unbound DHCP Leases Bridge… Not running. [ WARN ]
Starting DHCP Server… [ OK ]

Only way to get leases into unbound is to manually run unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge

Any ideals?
IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - core171


Perhaps a similar case as yours?

hello world

silly me did an update from 171 to 173
three days ago and now, again i cant ping some dhcp clients :crying_cat_face:
the clients in question are rebooted several times since the ipfire boot.

what to post to help the coding-ppl :question: :person_shrugging:

i already found out that dhcp-leases.conf is empty :space_invader:

Hi all, not sure if I got it right, so please be gentle with me ;-)…

I am facing the same problem that DHCP served hosts are not reliably reachable via their hostname in the local network. So I poked around a bit and stumbled on the error that when you restart DHCPD it tells “Stopping Unbound DHCP Leases Bridge… Not running.”.

So I checked the start script in /etc/init.d and came across this line:
“if [ “${DNS_UPDATE_ENABLED}” != on ]; then”

Now, I am wondering about the “!=”. Shouldnt it be “=” to allow the start of unbind if configured so?

At least if I replace the “!=” with “=” and restart dhcpd, then I get a proper message that also the bridge is started.

Thanks for you help

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@hendrik , welcome to the IPFire community.

The setting ‘DNS_UPDATE_ENABLED’ is on if you use the update mechanism of RFC2136, see

DNS Update

This section can be used to configure DNS Update, a feature which allows DHCP clients to update their own DNS entries. If a DHCP client changes IP address, it can notify IPFire of that change so host name resolution will still work.

from wiki

I haven’t enabled this and a restart of dhcpd doesn’t throw errors.

just search for ‘DHCP Leases Bridge’ and you get the picture. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
lots of topics/splits. till now, no solution just the workaround.
as it is not working reliable one can fire:
/usr/sbin/unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge -d -vv
this will fill/sync the dhcp-leases.conf :ok_hand:

Gents, what I say is that with the current setting in the script the lease bridge is not startet on system boot. Which would explain why it is not working. If you now change the script as suggested and restart dhcpd (now incl. the bridge) it might well fix the issue.

I will have an eye on my system and keep you posted.

the comment reads:
Start Unbound DHCP Lease Bridge unless RFC2136 is used


As I understand it, there are two ways to support the DNS server with information about local clients.

  • RFC2136, which defines the procedures how clients can register their information at the server.
  • IPFire’s ‘unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge’, which samples information from DHCP server and sends it to the DNS server. A kind of RFC2136 functionality for the DHCP clients.

So the bridge has to be started in case of RFC2136 absence. This is exactly what does the statement cited.

BTW: I just rebooted my system. unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge’ is running.


btw: i just rebooted ipfire after the 175 update
et voila: cat /etc/unbound/dhcp-leases.conf is empty
issued a /usr/sbin/unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge -d -vv
et voila: cat /etc/unbound/dhcp-leases.conf is populated :+1:

unfortunately this is the only ipfire instance i have doing dhcp :person_shrugging: