Still experiencing issues with Unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge

i recently swapped hardware installed from scratch and imported my backup.
unfortunately this still happens. so far i thought it was my very old installation
causing this behaviour. but now?
is this ‘fixed’ :man_shrugging: :question:

also: DHCP hosts not reliably propagated to DNS - #61 by pavlos

This was fixed in CU 167 and the current stable release is CU 169.

Please see:

Can you add more details of the issues?


unfortunately it is not solved and i am not the only one
experiencing this error. to be honest only by chance i
have found the topic DHCP hosts not reliably propagated to DNS - #62 by current_user
and thought it is ‘normal’.

right now, seconds ago i got the error again! :piñata:

however i posted the info in the original topic :clown_face:

Hi I have a new install and unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge does not get started at boot.
Running /etc/init.d/dhcp restart shows this:

Stopping DHCP Server… [ OK ]
Stopping Unbound DHCP Leases Bridge… Not running. [ WARN ]
Starting DHCP Server… [ OK ]

Only way to get leases into unbound is to manually run unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge

Any ideals?
IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - core171


Perhaps a similar case as yours?

hello world

silly me did an update from 171 to 173
three days ago and now, again i cant ping some dhcp clients :crying_cat_face:
the clients in question are rebooted several times since the ipfire boot.

what to post to help the coding-ppl :question: :person_shrugging:

i already found out that dhcp-leases.conf is empty :space_invader: