Status -> System -> CPUfreq diagram

I’m not getting a diagram since the installation:

Die Grafik "" kann nicht angezeigt werden, weil sie Fehler enthält.](

I can’t see problems in the system.cgi and wanted to have a look in the cpufreq-0.rrd but it’s coded so I only see rubish.

Any advice?

thx Terry

This is a known bug. collectd doesn’t like disabled hyperthreading on mds affected intel cpu’s.

But I’m running AMD. I haven’t had that issue with the old A4-5050 before but with my old Ryzen 1600.

Also the system says: " Simultanes Multi-Threading eingeschaltet"

Have you imported the database from an other installation?
This code also not like change of the core count.

In this case you can delete the affected rrd’s and it should recreated.

No I did not since it didn’t work quite well (came out with the iptables bug and some other setting were missing) so I did a clean reinstall because I didn’t trust the whole thing.

OK I will delete them and have a look.

Edit: did so and new ones were already created but still no diagram. The earlier cpu hasn’t had SMT but the 1600 has. Maybe it’s an cpu manufacturer independend SMT problem no matter if it’s enabled or not.