Static Routing?

I like to use IPFire in a doctors office. There is a Cisco Router and E-Card Reader… you can take a look on the map:

I can ping the E-Card Reader ( and the GINA-Box (with a static route) from the IPFire CLI but not from the PC (W01)…

I use DHCP on green for the PCs…

Any Suggestions howto configure the IPFire to be able to reach the E-Card Reader and the GINA-BOX correctly on the PCs?

You must define a rule to allow blue access to green, I think.

Looks like a setting in Austria. If so:

What i can approve is that you need a static route: to the GREEN network
That will not work in your setting, ipFire seems to be set to that IP already.

You will need rules for the ports needed by GINA. GREEN to Firewall (GREEN ):

  • DNS
  • http
  • https
  • 3496 TCP (Security Layer)

Just for Information (because card readers and the GINA should be in the same network anyways):
GINA to Card Readers:

  • 9225 TCP (PCSC)
  • http
  • https

Card Reader to GINA:

  • 6666 UDP (Multicast Locator Service)

What I don’t understand is, that your card readers are in the BLUE network. Normally they should be in GREEN so the medical software can access them.

Maybe helpful:
Netzwerkdokument GIN

I have a similar problem with the static route (simple router works, ipFire blocks) and currently i’m not sure if static routes might be needed on both sides.

Yes, are you from Austria?

I cannot change this settings. The provider is the owner of the equipment. This should be done by the Cisco-Router…

The Readers can be accessed if the IPFire is the Gateway ( and the static route shows the device the way to the Cisco-Router:

I can ping the GINA-Box from the IPFire-CLI when the static Route is active!
By the way, the 172.17.x.x are the Nameservers…

Thank you, I got this doc a few days ago…

Are you working with the austrian GIN-Network?

Edit: GINA-Box scanned from IPFire