Static DHCP with NO dynamic?

I need to have all of the network (Green interface) to have STATIC addresses and DISABLE dynamic addresses…The best I have been able to do is set the dynamic start and end both to which gives me just 1 dymanic address.
I know that having no Dynamic makes dealing with new devices difficult, but that is OK.

Have you tried removing the selection of “Enabled” on the DHCP configuration page?

If Static means that you are manually entering the IP’s on each client machine then un-check the Enabled checkbox as mentioned by @redneckmother

If Static means that you are using Fixed Leases on the IPFire dhcp page then just leave the Start and End dynamic IP boxes empty and there will be no dynamic leases at all while the fixed leases will still be supplied.


It is the latter case with Fixed Leases.

It didn’t occur to me to try leaving those blank … thanks, I’ll give it a try.


That will work fine for you then.

I have my Green zone dynamic range left empty so only fixed leases get supplied. I have a dynamic range defined for my Blue zone.

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I’ve checked in the sources ( dhcp.cgi ). A dynamic pool is only defined if start and end are defined. Both must be blank!

Thanks all - works a treat.