Starlink ISP query

I’m curious… are there any folks here who have Starlink for an ISP?

If so, could you share your experiences, configuration tweaks, etc?

Many thanks!

Replying to self:

StarLink (v2) works with only slight modifications to my existing install. I purchased the wired ethernet accessory for my RED connection.

The RED (DHCP) network address range changed, so I took the opportunity to tweak my GREEN, BLUE, and ORANGE address ranges.

FYI, I was using (being used by?) HughesNot.

I am mightily impressed with reduced latency and greater throughput, and am relieved to no longer need cronjobs on client machines to circumvent datacaps (“bonus” D/L zone was 02:00 - 08:00 local time).

My DNS stats are blindingly faster… HughesNot 75% DNS recursion times were usually 3.5 to 4+ seconds for each thread, with high end values > 8 (sometimes > 16 or > 32) seconds. They are now sub 0.5 seconds. My IPFire NTP now shows more stable drift, and has yet to exceed 0.008 seconds.

I whole heartedly recommend StarLink.


Hi RM,

Glad to hear it is faster!

can you supply some testing data?

download / upload speed. Latency time, etc.

are there any data limits?

LOL This is what someone else told me, too :slight_smile:

I don’t have a connection myself but people have been reporting that the latency is amazingly low for what it is - not as good as fiber, but apparently comparable with a regular DSL line.

“I will endeavor to persevere”

There are no datacaps on Starlink.

HughesNot will throttle usage between 08:00 and 02:00 if the plan usage for the current month is exceeded, by applying an additional allowance during 02:00 and 08:00 (a “bone us” period). Hence, my reliance on cronjobs for software updates, youtube downloads, and so forth.

I’ll attempt to get some “before and after” stats on speed and latency.

I’m using Starlink since Dec 2022 now as my only connection. The local ISP’s DSL was limited to 13 Mbit (small village in northern Germany). I canceled the old contract after one month of evaluation and I must say, that Starlink stuff just works fine. Downlink 150-220 Mbit, uplink 20-35 Mbit, latency 20-60 ms.

The ethernet accessory mention by @redneckmother is a must since Second-Gen Starlink Dish out of the box is WiFi only.