Standby- or deepl-sleep-mode?

Hello community,

maybe a stupid question but is there a possibility to put IPFire into some sort of “stand-by” or “deep sleep”? I know it would also depend on the hardware which is in use (in my case it’s an IPFire Mini Appliance from LWL), but is it even possible regarding the software?

My consideration:

For people who use IPFire at home or in SOHO-environments, where there is no server or anything which has to be available 24/7, it would be nice to shut everything down (all interfaces, services, etc.), except for fcron (and fundamental kernel-stuff), which then triggers a wake up (or reboot) at a certain time. I know IPFire already is very economical but I thought it would be nice to have a mode, where it consumes as little as possible in the 6 - 12 hours, when it’s “not” in use. =)



No there is no standby mode available in IPFire.

The only option is to Shutdown IPFire when it is not being used.