Squid Guard Error 3208 - Found multiple slashes

Hello everone,

today I came across a strange error in my URL-filter protocol. When I select “squid guard” it says:

23:05:18 [3208] WARN: Possible bypass attempt. Found multiple slashes where only one is expected: h**p://ocsp.root-x1.letsencrypt.org//MFIwUDBOMEwwSjAJBgUrDgMCGgUABBQoGupOahEgDjlJt2Yjc4VInC6HkgQUebRZ5nu25eQBc4AIiMgaWPbpm24CEQDTsXImNCMy3PXXXXX

Yes, after letsencrypt[dot]org there are two slashes. Is it possible to fix it myself or should I wait for an update? These are my installed add-ons:


Thanks so much,

Which device sends this request?
The URL is generated by this device, I think.

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