Speed over OVPN

Hi to all!
I´m stuck here with a speed problem using OpenVPN.
My line capacity is 500down / 200up.
If I connect from external to an internal NAS I only get about ~40MBit speed but if I connect to the ipfire webinterface and download e.g. a backup iso I get the full 200MBit.
Also tried it with different files&servers on the LAN - Max. ~40MBit .
Any suggestions what I can try?

Thanx in advance!!!

What does the CPU usage look like when you test your speed?

It is hard to tell without any hardware spec, but OpenVPN is slow. Very slow. If you want performance, please switch to IPsec which will give you basically line speed.

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Already checked that… 10-25% depending on download from LAN or as mentioned direct ipfire download.
Watching the machine with “top” it´s nearly sleeping.
What just comes to my mind: Is there a difference between smb MTU and direct download MTU? And if yes - does anyone know how to check and adjust it?

This maybe true but as you see above in certain scenarios I get full line speed…