Speed. OpenVPN vs SSH


Downloading large file from IPfire to remote location with ssh and filezilla, speed goes beyond 6MB/s.

OPENVPN, roadwarior and samba share

First try with default settings. UDP, mtu 1400. Speed 1MB/s.

mtu-test = 1492

Second try, UDP, mtu 1500, mssfix enabled, fragment 1492. Speed 2,5MB/s.

CPU on both scenarios between 10% and 20% (intel core duo).

Is this expected behavior, that openvp is much slower than ssh?

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OpenVPN supports a big diversity of different protocols/addresses/ports and operates in Layer 3 on IPfire (TUN) whereby SSH tunneling forwards only one protocol/address/port and operates on Layer 4. OpenVPN produces therefore much more overhead as SSH does. Also, OpenVPN on IPFire has been configured that mostly all clients does have a working connection after the first setup. If you have several clients, you will need to have the weakest connection settings (Transfer Unit) as basis which slows down other may faster connections, so everyone needs to adapt it to his specific needs.

If you check the speed comparison → SSH vs OpenVPN for Tunneling - BackSlasher it might be a expected behavior more or less :slight_smile: .




It seems to be that way.