Speed issues / Provider problem

I want to ask you for advice.

I have problems with my Internet provider, I keep getting disconnected and sometimes also a weak transmission rate.

With the Wool from the BSI “broadband measurement” I get the values ​​that the connection should give. If I do a speed test directly via IPFire a few seconds or a few minutes later, I get completely different values.

Attached is a screenshot of both results.

When I called service, I was amazed that they saw exactly when I did a broadband measurement with the BSI tool that day. Astonishing!
I also have to say that when I called Vodafone’s service (a total of 14 times) I was told again and again that you were getting strange values ​​and that the performance was actually not right

Then after a long back and forth, you finally sent me a “technician”. At first he told me something was wrong, he was getting weird readings (whatever they mean by that). I went into another room to get new Cat7 cables, and then the good man suddenly said :slight_smile: Look, “I have full power”.
I asked what he did, he said he just changed the cable (and that was just a Cat5). I switched again and did a speed test directly on IPFire and boom, again only around 260 Mbit/s. The technician then told me that I am using inferior cables and that I should use Cat6.
Ah ok … let’s put it that way.

Then I called Vodafone again, they promised me that one of the network value specialists and technicians would call me back. I’m still waiting for that call today… 8 days ago.

Please don’t take me for a lunatic, but this all has a bitter aftertaste. I’m slowly getting the idea, because they can see exactly when I’m doing a broadband measurement with the BSI tool and if not more, it’s throttled … Well, with something like that you just get that idea :slight_smile:

What do you think?

Many greetings

@michl75 , first wlcome to the IPFire community.

To answer your questions, we should know a bit more about your connection(s).

  • How is IPFire connected to the Vodafone cable internet? Modem or router?
  • What kind of network cables do you use for gateway <–> IPFire, IPFire <–> client(s)?
  • Which NICs are used for RED, GREEN, BLUE(?) interfaces?
  • On which HW is IPFire running?
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Good morning,

I could/should have written that right away… it was late yesterday :slight_smile:

  • Connection runs via a cable modem (Vadofon) and this is in bridge mode with IPv4. (I didn’t want a router, I wanted to go directly to the “line”). There is no longer a socket between the transfer station and the modem, just an adapter screwed on with a coaxial cable with 12 db (according to the technician) directly on the modem.

  • The connection between the transfer station house and the modem is with a coaxial cable (4-fold shielded), between the modem and IPFIRE CAT7 [BIGtec 2m CAT.7 patch cable network cable gigabit patch DSL LAN Ethernet cable white copper cable double shielded (RJ45 connector Cat-7 S/ FTP PIMF)] to red, green bos TP-Link Switch same cable. The switch is a TP-Link TL-SG1048 V5.0 48-port GB switch, 1 U 48.3 cm (19 inch) rack V5, switch to the Proxmox server (with additional INTEL network card) also connected with the same CAT7 cable. CAT6 is currently still used from the switch to the clients. The clients are all Windows 10 or Debian 11 machines (all with Intel CPUs)

  • Interfaces themselves only have red and green.

  • IPFIRE runs on a SuperMicro board X9SCAA with an Atom Proz. N2800 (6.5W), Intel NM10 Express chipset and has a dual Intel 82574L GbE LAN ports NIC.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, thank you very much.

Best regards

Is the RED interface set to dhcp?


Can you open the page:


and tell us the value of MTU

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With Vodafone this is nothing new. I nearly read daily about problems with Vodafone.

Because you compare 2 different download servers for testing the speed so this is totally normal in case one of the selected test servers may not even serve your download speed.

First level support? Not even worth calling them. They are bookwriters telling you their latest stories.

I can run 1Gbit for about 30 meters distance to ipfire with Cat4 (ISDN) and don’t have any problems. As long as the impedance and isolation of a cable is fine, the plug + actual cable is fine.

Still possible and also done in mobile networks, but illegal.

Test different download servers (not always the same with the lowest ping).

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Hello, attached is a picture of the settings on red.


Vg. M.

Hello, thanks for the detailed answer.

Now I’m amazed… The lovely and friendly lady on the service phone said to me ice cold, quote “ah, I see you just did a speed test”… Amazed when you write illegally.
Look at what methods they have. To be honest, this is what really turns me off from Vodafone.
In addition, I also have the suspicion that (with all due respect) those who sit on the service telephone only have the job of rejecting everything and talking a “stupid” person out.

So it’s fair to say that your experience with Vodafone is far from top-notch either.

Okay, I’ll get a little more serious then…

I would like to change, but unfortunately I’m in the country and we ONLY have Vodafone and Telekom here. We don’t have German fiber optics. Telekom has laid fiber optics in the village, but our mayor refuses to expand further on the grounds that where you live you have broadband via cable and there are so many stupid people back there that it doesn’t pay off. But no wonder, I think this place is among the top 10 most indebted towns nationwide.

Telekom still only offers a maximum of 100,000 with 10 uploads here in my corner. Because almost at the end of the line. They say more is not possible.

The main thing is that politicians stand up and say broadband for everyone, i.e. fiber optics and in reality, eat or drink, but don’t get me wet.

Thank you again for the info. Greetings M

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The problem with Vodafone is really, that they bought in a mass of communication services. But they do not try to reach the service quality of the former companies.
Technically cable internet ( DOCSIS ) is a service sufficient for at least the home user. But the customer service only knows, if at all, about the standard installation ( wireless router by Vodafone, SW tailored to the needs and notion of Vodafone ).
With your installation, which resembles my own network, it is urgent to do exact tests and measurements to know the real values. Only with these it is possible to talk to a qualified technician at the provider.
Just my opinion.

In case of the ‘Breitbandmessung’ I do not think it is really a problem. Maybe the report goes ‘automatically’ to the provider. Without personal data! If the report shows the connection only, the provider itself has the information about the relation modem MAC <—> customer.