Spectre and Meltdown checker

Anyone installed the Spectre and Meltdown mitigation detection tool v0.45 Add-on?
It is available in the Pakfire section in case you are interested.

I wonder what red NO means:
CPU microcode is the latest known available version: NO (latest version is 0x7030106 dated 2018/02/09 according to builtin firmwares DB v222+i20220208)

Based on the message it means the CPU microcode on your device is older and the “latest version is 0x7030106”. Pretty much what is says! :wink:

The current code is from SMC_MOCK_CPU_UCODE=0x1234567. So the line before the above line probably includes ucode 0x1234567 for the current version on your device.

I am not sure how the CPU microcode is updated. Maybe it is part of the vendor’s firmware update for your IPFIre device (wild guess!)


The amd microcode is part of the linux-firmware package which is version 20220913 in CU171. In CU172 it will be updated to version 20221109, the latest version. Both of these dates are newer than the date that you mention.

The intel microcode is a separate package, Intel-Linux-Processor-Microcode-Data-Files-microcode, and in CU171 is version 20220809. In CU172 it will be updated to version 20221108. Again both of these dates are newer than the date that you mention.

This is the builtin database of the Spectre Meltdown checker. Maybe it lists a microcode update that Intel or AMD have decided not to ship in their microcodes.

Searching on 0x7030106, I have found that it is an amd microcode. I have also found a reference to that version still not being in the official firmware release in April 2021. It looks like that firmware update was available “out in the wild” but not released in any official form. Maybe AMD issued it and then retracted it but by then it was in the database as an issued version.


This quess is correct. The CPU microcode is loaded by the uEFI Firmware/Bios before the system boots. IPFire also ship and install microcode’s from Intel and AMD but in this official repos some cpu’s are missing because they are given only to the board makers.