Some sites not loading

Hi, I am very pleased to say I got IPFire up and running.
I had one of those YES! moments when I got things working.

It was with the help of people of this forum - Connecting 2 laptops together, 1 laptop running IPFire

I find the forum itself (how the software works) plus the docs plus the support of people plus the support of admin/moderators a real pleasure - kudos to all. It has been a pleasure to get IPFire up and running. It took me 4 installs but each time I learned more and more thanks to the above.

Now that I have IPFire running I have a question:
Some sites, some of the time, do not load when I go to them.
Eg: tomsguide dot com, grc dot com, etc
I get a “domain not found” kinda error in my browser.

Bu then a few minutes later, I CAN access these sites.

I am getting a similar issue in Youtube - the Youtube page loads, but the video itself does not. But then in a different Youtube video page, the video does load…

Being a newbie to IPFire, I am wondering if there is something in IPFire that would cause this?

Any input would be appreciated, Thanks ahead of time…


well, glad you enjoy using IPFire so far. :slight_smile:

This issue sounds like a DNS problem. Could you please…

  • post a screenshot of the DNS configuration of your IPFire machine here (see here and here for the corresponding documentation) and
  • post log lines in /var/log/messages on your IPFire machine (SSH login or console access is needed for this) containing the word unbound (that’s the DNS resolver software used in IPFire) here,

so we have an idea about what exactly is going wrong here.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter MĂĽler

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Hi Peter,
Thanks very much for your help.
Thanks for pointing out DNS configuration - as a newbie I had not yet seen that screen.
I just changed the settings from using ISP provided DNS to my own DNS servers.
If you dont mind, I’d like to see if the problem goes away now, and I will report back in a few days.

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Hi Peter,
Once I entered my own DNS servers in IPFire “Assign DNS Servers”, the problem went away. For four days now I have had no issues.
Thank you very much for pointing this out. It solved my problem.

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I see, thanks for testing and reporting back. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter MĂĽller