[SOLVED] Update from 149 to 150 (geoblocking green interface)

Hi there,

Been a long time user. Just updated to 150 an hour ago, and all my devices are locked out of the router after the reboot. Working from home, no more vpn, no more internet, can only ping thz router.
Posting from my phone… so disappointed in this release. Feels like the firewall locked me out. State of despair in a have to work situation.
Has anyone had this? Cannot even go on the firewall gui.

Thanks for any clue.

Seems telnet port 222 is dropped ans port 444 too.
Cant access ssh nor http services.
Am i good to reinstall from scratch?

Ps: will plug a monitor/kb/mouse later, will report here

Got a screen/kd plugged. But a bit lost as im used to the gui. I see nothing for port 444 in ps or netstat. Also i cant ping the outside net, Google or else when logged in the router.

is there a way i can downgrade from 150 to 149 with pakfire?
Feels like i should just start from scratch with the149 iso.

No idea anyone?

Pluging in a console access isn’t a bad idea. :wink:
For short configs like allowing ssh access elinks is a tool. It isn’t really comfortable and a bit confusing, but nevertheless usable. Please search for a thread about elinks from the last weeks.

Thanks alot for your feedback. Looked for links lynx w3m but not elinks. Will try asap before reinstalling. Also i looked for 149 iso but seems only 150 is the default now but i fear having the same issue again.

Will report status

so I’ve followed this advice Core 150 - Geoblocking blocks everything from GREEN and that did the trick
namely, mv /var/ipfire/firewall/locationblock and ran firewallctrl