Solved: NUT backup restore not working on 169 -> Yes it is, if nut.ipf has right content :-)


My backup ipfire on 169 died, so I installed 169 on a new hardware and restored setting from backup.
“Backup” restored fine.
“addon restore” for NUT do not not seem to restore anything.

But keepalived and hostapd worked.

Any addon requires to be re-installed first by pakfire, then you restore the main backup file and the addon by selecting both in the WUI

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Yes, that’s why both keepalived and hostapd worked :wink:
But not NUT, even if I installed it with pakfire before restoring the backup (11 kb backup from September 18 2022).

I have checked and there is an include file defined for NUT. The entry is /etc/nut/ so everything in that directory will be backed up and should then be restored.

The .ipf backup file is basically a tar archive so you can view it with an archive viewer or by the tar command on the command line. TYou should then see what files have been saved in the restore and you can view the contents to confirm they are correct.

You can also check the contents of that directory after installing NUT and before doing the restore and then after doing the restore.

You can also check to confirm that you have the NUT include file on your system after NUT has been installed. Addon include files are placed in the directory


When I check the nut.ipf from the primary ipfire (NOT the one we are talking about), nut.conf, upsd.users and upsmon.conf are there.

But when I check the nut.ipf from the secondary ipfire (THIS is the one we are talking about), only the sample files are there. That explains why the restore did not seem to do anything.

Maybe there was something that went wrong during backup or something else, but I don’t have time to look at the old broken hardware now.

As nut.conf, upsd.users and upsmon.conf are the same on both ipfires, it only took about 1 minute to get new ones from primary to secondary as soon as I saw that the conf files were missing.

So I am now closing this thread, as restore seem to be OK if the ipf-file has right content.