[solved] IPS cannot be enabled as the checkbox is missing


I wanted to give the IPS a try, but there is no way to enable it as there is no checkbox “Enable IPS”.

GUI looks the same as in these threads:

The image in the wiki looks different: wiki.ipfire.org - Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

I might have enabled the IPS years ago and immediately disabled it again. Not sure.
I noticed that “/var/ipfire/suricata/settings” exists, but is empty.

IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 158

How can I fix this?

After installtion /vat/ipfire/suricata/settings is empty, this is normal.

You have to configure a ruleset and save the settings. After this the ruleset will downloaded and installed before this is finished you cannot enable IPS.


Ok, this is somewhat counter-intuitive =)
As a newbie to this you think that there is a ruleset chosen in the dropdown. Perhaps there should be a note like “You have to select and save a ruleset first, before being able to enable the IPS”.