Solution check box for a solved thread?

I could not location the Solution check box. Can that be turned on?


This is a nice idea +1 .

I could not find this on the settings. Is this a default feature of Discourse?

It is a feature yes. It looks like it may be a discourse plug-in.

If you’re interested - this one is for spam:

This would clearly help for cleaning up - if everybody sets this flag :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately we cannot use akismet for two reasons:

  • it is not free. Only for personal use.
  • it sends posts away to a third party.

How about the Solution box?

I see a solution box! :smiley:

For what it is worth: the Solution box can be part of the ellipsis …

No need to change, just an FYI.


sorry for my late response. I installed this plugin (because I believe that if it is unmaintained, we won’t lose an essential feature) and I could not find the box. So thanks for the screenshot :slight_smile:


It does not show up in every thread. Just two threads so far. Maybe that is why you didn’t see it. Clearing browser cache did not help.

EDIT: Just three threads

I think it only shows up on new posts. I enabled it for the whole board.

For the user, the solution box will only appear when the user is the Original Poster (OP).

So only the OP and the moderators can see and check mark the Solution.