So what is Ipfire?

Hello, I allready know all the stuff about it like thats its an own distro and what it can do but I have a few questions. Is it just a side system that runs all your network stuff in the background allong with the main system or is it more like a server where you use a deticated pc for it and then connect to it?

First welcome to the community, NXTler.

IPFire is a gateway to the WAN for your local devices in your private network(s).
It contains a stateful firewall and controls all traffic from your LAN to/from WAN.

It is more a server/router than a side system. Running a side system cannot control all traffic, because you can’t prohibit direct connections to the internet this way,


Typically, it would be a dedicated router / firewall device. It would be placed in your network adjacent to your internet access point (the red zone). The rest of your network assets would sit downstream from your ipfire device – on the green, blue, or orange (dmz) zone.

Installation Step 5: Network - Step 5: Network Setup


Simple network drawing of hardware: