Smb share access

Hello I need to access to my ipfire smb share from openvpn network.
my green network
my openvn network
i can access from my vpn client to entering \\share in my windows pcs.
i would like to be able to browse my windows network from my openvpn client.
thanks for helping

Microsoft machine are in general a bit handicapped or special when it comes to networking…and SMB shares.

By default it will not show the LAN machines unless something is holding its hand. One way to do this is make entries on the FW hostname or let a WINS handle this for you.

You can also do this on your own Windows machine by editing the hosts file and creating an entry in there.
c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts server-name

You will have to ensure that the hosts is saved in the same location. This means in typical M$ fashion you need to save it to the desktop, as notepad will refuse to do as you say. Rename the original hosts file or delete it. And once you have moved the new one to the above location, remove the file extension .txt from it, agree to what ever Windows moans about… yes dear, of course dear, whatever you say dear.
Restart your workstation so that the ditsy blond can remember what you just taught it.
All should now work. Make additional ip -> name entries as needed.

I hope that helps you along, cheers.