Slow download with Advanced Web Proxy enabled

Hi, I am new to IpFire but tried to install it yesterday on my ZBOX CI323 nano (8GB RAM, Celeron® CPU N3150 @ 1.60GHz, SSD), added some add-ons (clamav, guardian, per-net-ip, perl-common-sence, perl-inotify2, sqidclamav, watchdog) and created a firewall group and rules, as described in the wiki and so far everything went well.

Started to install some programms which needed to be downloaded. I figured out that enabling “Advanced Web Proxy” (Enabled on Green / Transparent on Green) the download slowed down to almoust 20% of the available speed. Switched on and off and always the same results. Checked the CPU power and it was not so high, RAM was also ok.

Any ideas why it is so? And do I need to enable the proxy in terms of security?



Since the requirements are always different it’s not an good idea to copy+paste configs.

Many people know that issue and it’s always related to a weak CPU and your CPU is really weak, exspecially if you run many filters.

20% of what bandwidth?

How did you check the cpu usage? Whenever you use the webui with its graphs to check system usage/workload etc. you need to run your test scenario for a couple of minutes because the values shown are at least the average of 10 minutes intervall measurements.

Yep get a decent device :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

If you want to run black/whitelists, url filters and virus scanners for http/https traffic you need to run the webproxy.

Hi, well, I agree to your “copy+paste” comment, but as I am not so into this topic its a start I would say :slight_smile:

Ok, its probably the CPU, but I was unsure as I had no filters or addons enabled (calmav but I stoped it to test the influence on the slow download). So, just enabled and disabled.

I normally can achieve around 25MB/s and went down to 3 to 5 MB/s.

CPU checked through the webui around 4 hours - see attached screenshot.

Whenever I startet proxy, the cpu went up, but without any addons (calmav disabled, url filter disabled, update accelerator disabled).

So… only way to run this is without proxy.

The CPU is slightly faster than my old configuration with a AMD A4 5050:

I came to a limit of 150Mb/s == 18MB/s with lots of webfilters running on it. However I had a problem with steam that caused the cpu to run at its limits with only ~4MB/s max. download speed (fell from 15 to 4 after a few minutes). Whenever I disabled the proxy the problem disappeared. Just in case you are talking about steam downloads the problem is based somewhere else I don’t know.

Good point as I tested it only with steam. Today i made another run with enabled proxy and it looks good!

CPU and traffic usage:

So for now I’m happy with the results. For home use it’s good enough, maybe with more rules and addons i may consider to do an upgrade in the future…

Thank you for your hint regarding steam :slight_smile: