Slow Connection with Filezilla


I’m downloading files from IPFire using Filezilla 3.50. I’m connected using SFTP protocol and I’m facing slow transfers.

Most of the time the files are simple config files like haproxy.cfg or other small sized files. When double clicking one of theses files in the Filezilla browser, I see some time passes by until the download starts.

The protocol says:

|Status:|Starte Download von /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg|
|Status:|Dateiübertragung erfolgreich, 14.188 Bytes in 1 Sekunde übertragen|
|Status:|Verbindung zum Server getrennt|
|Status:|Verbinde mit…|
|Status:|Using username “root”. |
|Status:|Authenticating with public key “rsa-key-20191222” from agent |
|Status:|Connected to|
|Status:|Starte Download von /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg|
|Status:|Dateiübertragung erfolgreich, 14.188 Bytes in 1 Sekunde übertragen|

A second for such a small file is a long time when performing many of those action from time to time. It seems that Filezilla or IPFire drops the connections very soon which obviously causes the delay.

Does anybody see similar transfer times on their machine? Is there any way to speed up things maybe server side?


Hi. Normally I use scp and not sftp so I ran a comparison on my systems.
I transferred 48 files totalling approx 380MBytes from IPFire to my desktop. I used scp and then also sftp via Filezilla.

With scp the transfer took 6 seconds and with sftp it took 11 seconds. I checked the logs with Filezilla and there were no dropped connections occurring.

So it looks like there is some other issue on your network. Maybe check out the network hardware is all okay or try some other types of network transfers and see if there are any dropped connections then.

Is there anything in the machine logs of IPFire or the desktop machine running Filezilla that give any clues on what might be happening when the connections are being dropped?

So using scp, do I need an addon within IPfire or does IPfire support this natively? Did not check so far.

When writing that I noticed connection losts, I meant that something shuts down the established connection after a certain time and Filezilla is re-establishing before transferring new files. This is what causes the slow down.

I did not find any setting in Filezilla, so I assume any setting, not in Webif, is responsible for those timeouts.

To test:
I installed iperf3 on my ipfire (see pakfire addons), then iperf3 -s
went to a client, iperf3 -c
gave me about 934 Mbps which is about my network (1Gbps).

scp is an integral part of ssh so you can use it with no additional package required on IPFire. You need to ensure that you have ssh on your desktop machine.

You access scp from the command line in a terminal on your desktop machine as follows:-

scp -P 222 root@your-IPFire-host-name:/source-directory-path-on-IPFire/filename-or-wildcard /destination-directory-path-on-desktop/

This will copy from your IPFire to your desktop. If you want to do it the other way around the order is the source directory/filename first then the destination. The -P 222 is to specify the port, as IPFire uses 222 instead of the default 22.

Hope this helps.