Sky DHCP Mer opt61

Hi, looking for some advice regarding Sky’s awkward dhcp opt61 login.

I understand (i tried googling lots) that my answer might lie within /var/ipfire/dhcpc/dhcpcd.conf I just don’t know how to format this file with the information I normally send. I normally send dhcp-client-identifier “randoms@skydsl|password”,dhcp-class-identifier “7.16a4N_UNI|PCBAFAST2504Nv1.0” in pf or opnsense and it connects fine. How do I add this to dhcpcd.conf ie. do I uncomment clientid line and past in plain text or convert to hex or delete the clientid bit and paste in full text etc… (I’m fine with mechanics of logging in and editing file I use winscp) Thanks in advance if anyone can help.