Sip Ports How To?

Before ipfire the sip phone works, in green the sipphone have no speech in both directions.
The ports i need is 5060 and a range from 7500-7510. I tried serveral firewall rules, but I cannot bring it to work.
How must I create firewall rules, that the sipphone works correctly (with the New rule Assistant) ?

And by the way, should I restart the ipfire after apply a new rule?

I use MicroSIP and don’t need to do anything in IPFire. It just works.

I use a hardware phone.
But thanks for the tip.

Hmm, also have a fixed phone, a Siemens Gigaset.

It works fine.

Then again, I have zero custom firewall rules yet. IpFire runs with default FW configuration and to that I added LocationBlock > everything and a few available filters as posted here:

I read it and tried source nat, but no speech on both sides.
Any other ideas?

As mentioned, I have zero custom rules. Maybe you should start there?

Does it work with IPFire out of the box? If not, I fear I may be of little help.

What port forward rules do you have?

I would add ports to the service menu
Then make a service group for your sipphone
Then make a firewall rule for
Service group sipphone.

I would suggest you try a software phone to see if it’s a problem with your hardware phone. I use microsip with no special rule on ipfire and it runs without any problems. Core 171.