Show real source IP in logs

Hello everyone,

My IPFire sits behind a FRITZ!Box ( router/modem.
In the FRITZ!Box I’ve set up a VPN connection to a remote network (

If a remote device tries to access a server in my IPFire network over VPN, in the IPFire log this will show up with the source IP

It would make sense to see the real source IP here (e.g.

Is that somehow possible?
(I guess Source NAT is the keyword here? But I couldn’t figure it out…)

Is there a setting in fritzbox for X-Forwarded-For headers at layer 7? If there is, you could tack on that so it fills the true client IP. Else if its layer 3 or 4, I’m not sure if there is a setting for thst in fritz.

FRITZ!Box is a consumer / home thingy. Sadly there are no advanced settings like this.

Same configuration here and also no real solution for this type of logging.