Sharing a VPN Connection to IPFire router

Hello, I was hoping to get some help with a very specific setup. I have a Windows 10 laptop, that is connected to my personal wireless network. From there, I am connecting up to my Work VPN and sharing the connection over ethernet. The issue is - when I plug that ethernet cable into the RED Interface, even though I have it set to DHCP, it never acquires the IP information it needs. I have the green interface setup correctly, as it will issue out an IP address to any device in the range that I specified.

I am attempt to utilize this setup so I can image machines from home and still get the domain join and other useful features that are built into our imaging process.

The instructions I received from my company appeared to be using a basic linksys router for this process. I figured since I had my 4 NIC mini-PC running IPFire in the past, this would be a walk in the park.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


That is a AP, wireless router or wifi NIC built in ipfire?

Your wireless network is connected to your office VPN? Sorry that makes no sense.

I don’t get it. What are you doing?

How can i explain this better? I am at home, and use a Unifi Dream Machine as my primary personal use router. From there, I am taking a work issued laptop, and connecting via wifi. Once connected, I open a VPN client and connect up to my network resources at work.

I then go into network connections, right click on the VPN connection and use Internet Connection sharing - and select ethernet. I then take my ethernet cable, run it from the NIC on my host laptop, over to the RED interface of my IPFire router where it never seems to obtain an IP via DHCP.

The plan from there is to run a cable from the Green interface over to a different laptop on which I plan to lay down an image, and then proceed with domain join and other tasks.

Does that help?

This won’t work because your laptop doesn’t run a DHCP, so RED will not get an IP. As it has always been with Windows OS sharing connections (which does NAT) you need to setup an IP for RED (static) within the range of the subnet of your laptops NIC and define the Gateway to be your laptops IP.

But I’m curious your plan will work.

Well, there has to be some merit to the plan - as my colleague achieved it using a linksys router instead of IPFire. I shall give your suggestions a try tomorrow morning. Thank you for weighing in, I appreciate it.

Hm looks like I was wrong (but remebered that way in the past)

IPFire should obtain a IP from your host computer.

Well, I don’t have a great explanation for it - but I booted up the router and all laptops involved, and it started to obtain an IP on the wan interface before I made my VPN connection. After the VPN connection was active, it refused to obtain anything.

After some light digging, I ran the “connscheduler reconnect” command on the router directly and it started working like a champ.