Setup of ssh client

Is it normal that the setup call in the client console is black and white?

For me it depends how I am connecting to IPFire

From the console connection on the computer I get

From an ssh terminal connection or a serial console connection I get

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Thank you, black and white should be normal in the ssh console! Can this be changed, how?

Your ssh connection is via a terminal program. You can usually change the colours via the preferences menu item depending on the specific terminal program you are using on your pc that you use for accessing via ssh.

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In PuTTY you can try to check “Allow terminal to specify ANSI colours”.



Thank you, SSH connection with Putty works and setup is also in color. Only Via SSH Console (KDE, connection is still black / white. Can I also get the -setup in color in the console?

A quick search on the Internet for “konsole text color” found the following link


OK, thanks