Setup IpFire on one Green network

Hi, everyone !

Can you tell me if I can configure the program to work with one green network (local area network)?

There is:

  • A router with Internet access (wan static, gateway is -
  • DNS server( on Windows Server 2008 domain, use gateway IP( of Router as Gateway.
  • DHCP server on Windows Server 2008 domain, use DNS server IP(

I installed IPFire on HyperV with a single network (green).
How to properly configure IPFire using the router gateway and DNS server on Windows Server 2008 domain?

Can I register the ip green network(ex. as a gateway on the DNS server, and register the router gateway( as a gateway in the IPFire (green) network settings? Will this option work?

IPFire requires different network addresses for red and green. If you connected IPFire directly to the router, it would be in network address, with red gateway

You could use (say) as IPFire green, but if you want to protect the server, that would have to be moved to 192.168.1.n.

IPFire provides secure DNS so you should disable DNS server on the Windows Server. You should also disable DHCP server on Windows Server, because having two DHCP servers produces confusing results.


I use IpFire at HyperV with statis local IP -
If i disable DNS and DHCP on Windows Server i broke AD and Domain system.

On IpFire DHCP is disabled.
MB i add my Microsoft DNS server to - DNS forward configuration.
I need add to - Domain Name System, how to correct add… ?

1 Maybe if you wrote us more precisely what you want to use IPFire for, it would be easier to help you.

2 Note that installing IPFire on a virtual machine is recommended for testing and development purposes only.



To clarify the situation a bit, just a few comments about structure (as far as I can understand from your short description):

  • 1st network is the world wide net ( WAN of your router )
  • 2nd network is the LAN side of your router, which separates WAN from LAN through NAT. Network
  • in this network you have place your Windows Server 2008 with DNS and DHCP server
  • you want to place an IPFire system into this network. RED interface would be an unused IP out of, GREEN interface can build any private network, but
  • because IPFire realizes an internet access device, I would place the Windows Domain Server into IPFires GREEN network using the DNS and DHCP server of IPFire.
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