Setting routed/bridged mode wireless router

I have this configuration, with the wireless router instead of the Hub

I noticed that the wireless router is set to routed mode. Is better to change to bridged mode? I configured the ipfire giving the ip via dhcp through the green port… should i configure the ipfire in a different way in order to set bridged mode to the wireless router?


Do you use the wireless function of your Cable Modem (suppose some sort of DOCSIS modem/router)? If yes, this should be moved to an AP in your local network ( green, blue ).
It is always better do use the CM in bridged mode ( modem only, DOCSIS ↔ Ethernet ). You only have one NAT router in the internet access line. The CM is under control of the ISP, to accomplish internet access with ISP’s technology and the bandwidth guaranteed. Routing, firewalling, … is your part using an IPFire system.


If the “Hub” is a wifi router.?
Than set it up with on DHCP and a fixed ip.


I think the Hub is just a (unmanaged) switch.

Exactly why I question “hub”.
Not clear from there diagram where this AP is.

oh well… I got it… I have to convert the router wireless in access point…

my config was:


now is:


I used this guide , How To Convert a Wireless Router into an Access Point - SmallNetBuilder thanks !!!
The modem(DOCSIS) looks like is already in bridged mode.