Set UDP Timeout

Hi everyone
The man who supports up the VOIP in our network tells me, that I should increase the UDP Timeout to 300 Sec. The vPBX is hosted external. So I don’t need/have no Port-Forwardings to the clients inside of the network.
How can I increase the UDP Timeout on IPFire?


you shouldn’t. It is currently set to 120 seconds and that is long enough for most applications. Anything else will just fill up you connection tracking table and make your firewall use more resources.

What your VoIP man needs to do is to enable keep alive messages on the PBX so that the phones or the PBX itself keeps sending a message once every 60 seconds or so to keep the connection alive. Without that, the firewall will drop it and you won’t receive a call.

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Thank you. I hope, the VOIP man has the knowhow to make it :crazy_face:

Looking at Connection Tracking in the WUI, it seems UDP Timeout is set to 180 seconds – showing “Expires” value of 0:02:59 for some UDP traffic