Seperate network for guests

I have a IPFire with red / green / blue / orange network
Green is for intern network
Blue is for WiFi network
I need a additinal network for guests for internet access. No acceess to green and blue network.
First I thought it is possible with the orange network. But I have learned I can only use it with fixed ip configuration on the client computer. This does not work here, because there are various clients and I cant configure evrey client. So I need a dhcp and a dns server for the seperate network.

Is there a chance to configere that with ipfire?

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Hi @plan_b,

No you can not configure that with IPFire. However you can set up your own dhcp server on the Orange network, using the Orange connection of IPFire only as the Gateway.

I do this with my Orange network, where I have my TV, BluRay player, Media box etc connected. Some of them insist on dynamic IP and more than one. I have put a RaspberryPi into my Orange network and am using it as a dhcp and media server to my Orange network. That has been working very successfully now for more than a year.


I don’t know what you use the blue network for besides wi-fi so this suggestion may not help.

Can you move the blue network wifi (as an access point) to your green network? And make the blue network into your guest network?

Something like this?

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