Sending WoL magic packets from IPFire


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could send Wake-on-LAN packets from a shell (fcron) in IPFire? I can’t see any utilities (or addons) included with IPFire which can send them. Would using a python script be the easiest way?

I’m a bit unclear as to how I direct the packet to a specific interface if it’s addressed by MAC. Will linux just route the packet properly that based on the arp table?

I only need to wake one computer once a day on a specific interface.


Hi @dnl

Run the following command in fcron, or convert it into a script.

"/usr/sbin/etherwake -i iface mac"

Replace iface with the interface that the computer is on. So if the computer you want to wake up is on the green network you would use green0
Replace mac with the MAC address of the computer you want to wake up.

The “…” are needed if you put the command into fcron because it doesn’t always deal well with spaces in commands for options. It can just ignore the options because there is a space.

On my system I have the command built into a script and then fcron runs the script at the appropriate dates/times.


Ahh! I didn’t see the etherwake utility was installed by default! I looked for a bunch of others.

Thanks very much @bonnietwin , that’s exactly what I was after.

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Hi all,

might be also interesting ?



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Thanks, but I need to turn a server on with a Cron schedule. (Actually one schedule for work days and a different for weekends)

I’m just being paranoid about power and security - this server is only up when needed

re: cron schedule…

So, another request for cron on IPFire?

Do you realise that fcron is already available?

I just use that.

‘fcrontab -e’

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Yes, I use fcron… I misunderstood your previous.