SDA Disk Access per Day

Hey Guys,

fresh install (IPFire 2.25 (i586) - Core Update 142) on pcengines apu4d2 with 16 GB SSD.
No addons. But high write transfers to the ssd, average writtten bytes are ~70 kBps.

Is this the standard behavior? How can I reduce the write access to ssd?
Does this reduce the lifetime of my SDD?

I’m not one of the experts and cannot answer your questions (sorry!). But this is what I see on my setup. I have a few small addon:

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.16.36 PM

And my sda Graph looks like this:

This image is better. It is more similar to the units you have (left side of graph):

Much loggin here:

Every write cycle reduces the lifetime of an SSD.

giggel has highlighted something warranting further investigation.

On my 32 GB SSD, attached to Banana Pi, the reported usage is even higher, averaging > 300 kb/s over 24 hrs - that’s 12.5 Gb (1.55 GB), but it’s installed from an img file (no swap) and /var/log has only about 40 MB. I did upgrade a Linux system, taking about 1 GB, but that should simply pass through, without much storage.sda_usage_bpi|690x314 The large activity is very concentrated.

IPFire was installed from img (no swap)

SMART was designed for spinning hard disks - I wonder how relevant it is to SSD ?!

SMART is designed to monitor any storage media that supports it. There are other parameters for SSD than HDDs so they can’t be mixed up.

The CLI command is smartctl. As far as I can ascertain, it does not report IO rates.

A command to report status of SSD is below. In the case of my economy device, “not supported”

smartctl -l ssd /dev/sda