SAMBA for win 7

After upgrade to 152 on iphone RManager and VLC player are not capable to connect samba share.

Also, is possible to activate SMB2 on IPfire for windows 7??? I need this for cnc machines.
Or how to revert to older samba?

And IPfire samba share is working with linux mint, with no problems.

please don’t use old OS Version like Win 7 and old samba-versions. just my 2 cents. please have a look at SAMBA not working for Sonos | Core 152

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Since samba 4.11 the server min protocol is set to SMB2_02 so the samba in IPFire should support SMBv2 without manual config changes.

Easy to say. Most production machines still uses windows xp and win7 because programs dont work on 10. IPfire was usable to share files.
I just checked win 10 and it cant found shares on ipfire after update to core 152. Only way is to use RUN and \192.168.x.x\xxxxxx.

Otherwise great work.

Looks like a problem with DNS or workgroup configuration (must be uppercase!) if you cannot browse the network. Since SMBv2 the browsing not use legacy “wins” and need correct dns entries now.

Ok in theory should be working. I dont known how to configure dns and other stuff. Changed to upper case WORKGROUP stopped discovering win7 from win 10. I restarted after every change. I will wait for update and if there will be some tutorials in wiki.