Samba access SMB1.0 possible?

Is it possible to access IPFire’s Samba from an old Windows XP? The XP is an embedet OS of a production machine and cannot be upgraded to enable SMB 2.0!

The samba package has disabled SMB1 by default since version 4.11.x

Samba is currently on 4.18.x

SMB1 is very insecure so enabling it exposes you to the risk of exploits in SMB1 including ransomeware attacks.

So SMB1 will not be enabled in Samba on IPFIre, a firewall for connecting to the internet.

If you have a production machine running Windows XP, which itself is no longer updated for security issues for a long time, I would recommend running that machine in an isolated network. In that network you could then run samba on another pc and enable the smb1 protocol in the samba configuration file.


The IPFIRE is about to separate the isolated network from the office network. It would have been nice if we could have used IPFire’s Samba for file storage. Now I will probably place a NAS on the network to store the data.
Greetings Thomas

I am aware of the risk. The IPFIRE is supposed to separate the company network and the machine network. What I want to know is how to enable SMB1. I have already tried to enter the entry “client min protocol = SMB1” in smb.conf, but Samba does not start. The log file says “WARNING: Ignoring invalid value ‘SMB1’ for parameter ‘client min protocol’”
I also tested the parameters “NT1 and cifs”.
Samba starts with “NT1”, but no access from the XP computers

“NT1” should work - if not anything is wrong with your XP Client

The SMB1 protocol is known as NT1 to Samba and it is the server min protocol not client min protocol that needs to be set.

So enter

server min protocol = NT1


That was the solution! Thanks very much