Running out of space on / partition

So I read two previous topics and the solution is to perform a fresh install and restore from backup. That seems a bit ridiculous to me. Looking through he filesystem I noticed there are old copies of packages that are no longer used (upgraded). It seems they are not being cleaned up and lingering. I have several installs of IPfire running and all of them are running low on space with the 158 update, failing to update to 159.

Since /var is mounted on a separate partition, my solution is to:

mkdir -p /var/pakfire/tmp
mv /opt/pakfire/tmp /var/packfire/
ln -s /var/pakfire/tmp /opt/pakfire/tmp

That frees up about 100+ MB and allows the upgrade to 159 to complete. Is there anything that can be done to correct this issue permanently, that doesn’t involve a full reinstall or extensive manual intervention?

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You should not run out of space on / unless you started with a very small disk.

Do you have a large number of add-ons installed?

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Just mc, nrpe, guardian


could you please post the output of

df -h


Thanks, and best regards,
Peter MĂĽller

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Bear in mind I moved the contents of /opt/pakfire/tmp to /var/pakfire/tmp and symlinked to it. That freed up 100+ MB on /. Otherwise pakfire didn’t have enough room to download the updates.

Unless pakfire is running, /opt/pakfire/tmp should be empty. If there is something left, it probably crashed.

Could you please run du -csh /* and post the output?

(Another firewall)

(And a third)




I have more, but this all started when I updated to 158. When I went to update to 159, it refused… as in I clicked the update button in the WebGUI and it didn’t do the normal command output. It just sat for a minute and came back with a 403 error. then I had to reload and login again.

They are all running 159 right now, although some need to be rebooted as our policy is to reboot firewalls in person in case there is a boot failure that cannot be corrected remotely.


I would add the /opt/pakfire/tmp folder should be mapped to volatile (tmpfs) storage if possible (cleared on reboot) or to /var/pakfire/tmp to keep it out of the root volume on a failure as /var is for “variable” data. That’s ~100+ MB too.

That assumes that 100 MB of memory is always available…

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True… that’s why I alternatively suggested /var… since by default, IPfire uses that as the largest partition.

That is true only, if your system disk is big enough.
My system doesn’t have an extra /var partition.
The current IPFire system is running on small systems, too.
Wiki states in - System Requirements

Mass storage

Mass storages devices typically have a lot of capacity. They could serve as media for backups or mass data storage with low access times. In IPFire different types of mass storage can be used;


Although the base system of IPFire requires only a couple of hundreds of megabytes for program data, the least amount of storage is 2GB. The developers recommend at least 4GB for log files and add-on packages.

IPFire supports drives of 3 TB and larger with IDE, SATA and SCSI. Most hardware RAID controllers are supported, too.