RSS in discourse

Hi all,
should we enable RSS here ? All important news :globe_with_meridians: at one glance might be great.



It may already be there. I don’t use RSS so I’m not sure if this is what you need.

Better way:


Have found that one --> with some hints in it…
Have looked via a feed validator but the community platform have it not enabled so far.



Does not have what enabled? I can download the feed and there are not RSS options in the settings menu.

It seems to work for me. I downloaded a rss reader/viewer called NetNewsWire 5.0.3 for Mac and I added the above IPFire Community rss link:

All threads appeared in the NetNewsWire.

Sorry my bad, it works.

Thanks for the hint.



Mmhh there are no further RSS feeds anymore, the last one was at 12:15 today.

Someone else here with the same problem ?



With NetNewsWire the last message was 6:15 AM (Chicago time) or 11:15 UTC (I hope I did that right)

With Vienna the last message was a few moments ago at 1:27 PM (18:27 UTC).

How often do you refresh RSS? Mine is 1 per hour.

I think I like Vienna more!

EDIT: If I understand RSS & Discourse correctly (not an expert) you should see everything on this page,, with the most current at the top.

That did it :slightly_smiling_face: .