Rsnapshot for backup?

I am curious if anyone uses rsnapshot for backup.

And if you feel it works well. Or not…

Thank you!

I have used it for many years, both directly to a second HDD on my Linux server, plus routinely as a backup to a second PC on the LAN. Those are automated via chron.

I also occasionally manually backup to a USB drive and store that off-site.

It is very flexible, but as I recall, is not very compatible with “dirvish”, that was previously an IPFire addon. The current addons of bacula & BorgBackup look interesting, but I have not seen the need to explore those in detail.

Windows users need to be aware that rsnapshot uses techniques that are not directly usable on NTFS or (ex)FAT filesystems, although it can maintain a backup of Windows data to a Linux fiilesystem.

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Hi !
You used it within ipfire ?
I’m using it for all my linux machines to backup on the nfs share of my NAS…
indrectly also ipfire via a linux machine… i would prefer the ipfire to do that directly…

Ciao Gerd