RPi SSD recommendation?

Running ipfire on Pi4 with Sandisk Ultra Fair 3.0 Stick since May 23. Unfortunatelly the Stick was completely destroyed running the last update. Which SSD Disks are recommended?
Maybe something like this?

Hi Marco - sorry to say there are no recommendations for SSD disks.

I usually stay with the SanDisk Ultra and sometimes the SanDisk Extreme micro SD cards for RPi devices. I know this is not what you asked about. Out of 30 SD Cards I’ve only had three failures and that is after years of use (or abuse?!?).

I know nothing about the SSK vendor, but personally I would not by one. I would stick with the SanDisk or even Samsung lines.

Hi Jon,
Thank You for this answer, I also using SanDisk Extreme commonly with all my Pis and also for 24/7 systems without any trouble. In case of IPFire, I thought I have to use somthing faster, more reliable, for proxy and logfile writes, but may be I was wrong with that thought.
So any hint is helpful :slight_smile:

Logs on Sd Cards or flashdrives is a big no-no. They will fail faster than anyone would like.
SSD nVME or SATA via USB usually are a bit faster, therefore… Cheap out. Really.
32 and 64gb are bigger than necessary, only try to avoid Phison S11 controllers (look for “SATAFIRM S11” for why) and consider if a DRAM cache might be worth the extra price.
For brands: AData, SiliconPower, TeamGroup are “just fine”.
Heatsink if available are a “nice to have”.