RPi – problems with Thanksgiving Version


First time with IPFire, trying to install on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB version). Downloaded the newest version (“Thanksgiving present version” – thank you and great timing!) but the Pi won’t boot. I’m getting a text screen; main items that look to be important:
Bootloader C305221a Sep 3 2020
xHC-CMD error: 17 type: 12

Thought maybe because I initially used Buster 32 bit to create the image so switched to Bullseye 64-bit but same error so I’m guessing a problem with the ISO. (I did download the file several times on both systems to try to eliminate corruption.)

So am I doing something wrong (and if so, what is it), or is there an error in the image file? Also, I’m using a 16 GB micro-SD card, which I’m presuming has sufficient capacity – saw ‘minimum 4 GB’ somewhere.


Hi Barry - Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the IPFire community.

It may be related to which revision of RPi4 you have.

see this:

and there are lots of revisions:

Hi Jon!
Per cat /proc/cpuinfo is c03112.

Sorry I did not see this the first time. :disappointed:

You should be using the flash image and not the ISO image.


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Hi Jon!
That did most of the trick! Now loads but is just sitting there at the screen with the four IPFire Tux’s at the top. I may have screwed something up: forgot to have the Ethernet cable plugged in before the initial boot (power up the Pi and see the U-Boot information).
Will redo card and retry with the Ethernet cable plugged in.

Well that didn’t quite work as hoped: basically same issue: get the four IPFire Tux’s at the top, cursor blinked several times and then solid. (Underscore, not a block.)

Pi’s LEDs: Power is on solid. Activity is repeating blink-blink-pause. …Both Ethernet port LEDs are on solid (green?? I’m somewhat colourblind).

Thanks for the next step!

In the wiki it says that if you see that then the question is if you are using HDMI and keyboard while the system is still configured for serial console.

There is a section in the wiki that says:-

Note - The ARM flash image is configured for serial console at default
followed by what to change if you are using HDMI and a keyboard.

Are you using HDMI and keyboard or are you using the serial console for the installation?

Hi Adolf!
Yes, that was the problem: I didn’t see that instruction originally. Boots fine now. …Wonder if I can mark two answers as solutions?!

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